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In which cities can I order the delivery of balloons?
We are located in Dubai, but we deliver orders not only inside the city, but also to other cities of the UAE. Including Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain. Check the cost of delivery with your manager.

What is the minimum order amount?
Please note that for placing an order for delivery, the total cost of the order must exceed AED 150. The shipping cost itself is not taken into account. For the self pick-up this rule is not applied - you can pick up your order from our point of sales, even if it is cheaper than AED 150.

When it is convenient to place an order?
Some people think that they make an order too early, but others worry that it is already too late. We want to calm down both of that kinds of people. If you know that at exact day in the future you will need balloons, nevertheless it is a month before, you can place an order today. Some days before your date we will just confirm your order and will deliver balloons in time. But if you decided to make a surprise at the last moment and there are few hours for preparing, so don't be afraid to ask us to help you. If we have necessary balloons in stock and free time for delivery in a schedule, we will do your order for sure. In any case we recommend to place an order in 3-5 days in advance.

Can I order balloons as a gift?
Of course you can! In this case, we can offer you an anonymous delivery, and also we can attach a small gift card to the order, where we can write any wishes on your behalf. To order balloons as a gift, just specify this moment when placing an order, and except of online payment you also can get the opportunity to see the pictures of the balloons before they are sent to the recipient.

How long do helium balloons fly?
The size of regular balloon is 12 ", the flight time is around 10-12 hours.We use special liquid Hi Float to increase the time of the flight of the helium latex balloon. It increases the flight time in three times. In hot or humid weather, the balloons fly less than as usual. Foil balloons usually fly much longer than latex. Foil heart 18 "can hang about 2 weeks. The longevity of the balloons depends on several reasons. For example, changes in temperature, direct sunlight, dust, friction can negatively influence on the flight of balloons.

What is Hi Float?
Hi-float is a solute of liquid plastic, which forms a skin that holds helium inside baloon. Due to this, the flight time of the balloon increases to 2 weeks and even longer! The composition of Hi-float is absolutely safe and non-toxic. In Bemyballoon you get Hi-float treatment absolutely for free and for any order!

"How many balloons can I take in my car?" or "Will this bunch fit my car?"
In a sedan car on the back seat there can be fit up to 30 helium balloons. In the luggage boot there can go about 7-15 balloons. But it's better not to take a risk, because in the luggage boot can be dangerous to the balloons because of different objects inside of it, and there is a high probability that balloons will burst. When the rear seat is folded and the shelves are retracted, up to 50 helium balloons will go in the hatchback car. The crossover car can hold up to 60-65 balloons. You should make a note that when you are transporting helium balloons in your car, the view through the rearview mirror will be completely closed.

Can I make a logo / inscription on the balloons?
Among our services there is a printing on balloons (a large edition is carried out, most often used for advertising purposes), as well as the production of individual inscriptions as stickers. We call these balloons personalized, because we produce these special stickers in a single copy specially for you. You choose the image or phrase that you want to place on the balloon, and we will be happy to realize your ideas!

How many helium balloons is enough for decorating of the room?
We have calculated how much area is occupied by one or another amount of balloons:
- 30 balloons - 1,8 square meters
- 50 balloons - 3,5 square meters
- 100 balloons - 7 square meters
You just need to calculate the area of your room, and it becomes clear how much balloons will be enough to create a festive atmosphere.

How correctly keep helium balloons?
When you keep balloons at home, it is important to take into account some features, because conditions directly affect the duration of the helium balloon flight.
- Sunlight, or rather ultraviolet rays, destroy the structure of latex, which leads to its destruction. If the balloon is located in direct sunlight, then after 2-3 hours it can burst, and also lose its brightness.
- A sharp change in temperature leads to premature wear out of the latex, and the balloon begins to be deflated, since helium, like an air, significantly changes its volume with a change in temperature.
- Sharp or hot objects when touch it cause the balloon to burst.
- Most often, the reason why balloons burst is mechanical damage caused by dust that is located on the surface of the balloon, for example, in the street, in the rain or under the ceiling. Dust is being collected on the balloon, and when the balloons rub against each other, scratches are formed, causing the balloons to burst or blow off.